Nationals Qualifications 2012

Dear Competitors:

The national qualification for 2011-2012 Season:

(1) Regional Qualifiers: Top 5 placing in each level at regional events automatically qualify
(2) Club Qualifiers:
Level 1: Must have competed in 2 trials at PDC or Level 1 with at least 1 passing score, level 1.
Level 2: Must have competed in 2 trials at Level 1 or level 2 or one of each, and have at least passed
level 1 so they are elligible for showing in level 2.
Level 3: Must hold both legs of PSA 2 and as a result be elligible to show at Level 3, no requirement to have shown during the season.

If there are any questions, please feel free to ask. There will be some excellent competition at this year’s national event in Ohio, we look forward to another strong showing and great event. PSA is very healthy, because you the competitors, not the personalities in the administration are the sport. Those of us who are continuing to administer the sport in the wake of resignations are fully capable of running, growing, and exceeding your expectations. We are here because we care about the clubs and competitors, not our own personal aggrandizement. If you have questions or concerns, stay off message boards, ignore the rumors, and contact the directors directly. Ask your questions, voice your concerns. We want to hear from you. We welcome your participation.

I apologize that the rulebook was not properly updated last year, there were really no material rules changes in the levels, but that will not happen again. Thank you again for being a part of PSA.


Jerry Bradshaw
East Coast Director
Director of Judges