Hall of Fame

Being inducted into the PSA Hall of Fame is a great honor.  It recognizes those dogs and handlers who have had a great impact on the sport.  They will forever be remembered for the contributions they made to making the sport what it is today.

K9 Porter 2006- Handler: Lamont Houston

K9 Rocky 2006- Handler: Jerry Bradshaw

K9 Ricardo 2007- Handler: Jerry Bradshaw

K9 Senna 2008- Handler: Robert Wademan

Darryl Richey 2009

Rick Furrow Jr. 2009

Jerry Bradshaw 2011

Greg Williams 2012


Greg is a seasoned veteran on the trial field, a top competitor, and now serves as a decoy, judge, and as the West Coast Director. Greg has been an active competitor and decoy since PSA’s inception It’s his abilities in handling that have gained him notoriety in PSA. Greg has the titled a total of nine dogs of three different breeds in the sporGreg Williams 201t giving him the most dogs titled in the sport, titling four of those dogs in the same trial taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the PSA 1 open and 3rd in the PSA 1 novice in 5/31/03.

Greg’s most memorable accomplishments in PSA are;

  • 1st Place PSA Level 1, High Obedience Overall for Trial, High Protection Overall for Trial, PSA Nationals 2001 with Chipper
  • 1st Place PSA Level 1 Novice, High Obedience Overall for Trial, High Protection Overall for Trial, Tagor van Joefarm Memorial Award, Ben von Lowenfell’s Memorial Award, PSA Nationals 2004 with Jue
  • Highest Scoring Dog in PSA for the 2004 Season with Jue
  • 2nd Place PSA Level 2, High Obedience, and earning the 1st leg to the Level 2 Title, 2006-2007 PSA Nationals in Farmingdale, NY, with Asja
  • 1st Place PSA Level 2, PSA East Coast Regionals, 9/12/2008 with Asja and 2nd leg of the PSA Level 2 Title.
  • High Score in the PSA Level 2’s for 2007-2008 Entire Trial Season.
  • 1st Place PSA Level 3, 5/2/2009 with Asja and earning 1st leg to the Level 3 Title, Stafford, VA
  • 1st Place PSA Level 3, 8/14/2009 with Asja and earning 2nd leg and closing out the Level 3 Title, Stafford, VA
  • Appointed PSA Judge, 2008
  • Appointed PSA East Coast Assistant Director, 2009
  • Appointed PSA West Coast Director, 2016

Sean Siggins 2013

K9 Gabe 2014- Handler: Darryl Richey

K9 Asja 2015 – Handler: Greg Williams


Asja.  What can you say about Asja?  What can’t you say about Asja?  Versatile.  Social.  Badass.  Many said, when she was in her prime, that she was “the hardest biting bitch in PSA.”  Many considered her to be one of the hardest bitches in the country.  She wasn’t always the dog that got the “oohhs” and the “aaahhhs,” but she always went onto the field and worked her tail off for Greg.  She was devoted to him.

Asja started her PSA career in 2006, at three years of age, in Baltimore, MD.  She showed in the Level 1s five times, earning honors all but one of those times.  She earned the first leg of her PSA 2 at Nationals in Farmingdale, NY, in 2007, and finished in 2nd place.  She closed out her PSA 2 in Baltimore, MD, at East Coast Regionals, with honors, and was the East Coast Regional Champ for 2008.

On a dare, Greg showed Asja for the first time in the PSA 3 in Stafford, VA, in May 2009.  Not expecting much, and having not really trained for it, Asja surprised everyone, and earned the first leg of her PSA 3 – the very first time she was shown in that level.  She closed it out a little over a year later, again in Stafford, VA, in August 2010, and did so when PSA rules required competitors to earn 80% of the points in obedience and each protection scenario, and each scenario was worth 60 points rather than 50.  Asja earned her PSA 3 more times than any other bitch.

Asja stepped on the PSA field for the last time in 2012, at nine years old, with a different handler, and earned her PDC.  Even at that age, her desire to work and to please was strong.  Asja was not only amazing on the field, though.

Asja was an amazing companion to Greg, and then to Greg and Katrina.  She was often found hanging out on the couch, and, at night, when she would disappear, you could easily find her in their bed letting them know it was time for bed.  Sadly, Asja developed lymphosarcoma in July 2015, and lost her battle just two months later on September 3, 2015.  She will forever be missed, but left her mark in the hearts of everyone who knew her, as well as on the PSA trial field.

K9 Zuko 2016- Handler: Janet Dooley Edwards