PSA 3 Club

Very few have reached the pinnacle of achievement.  To be a part of the PSA 3 club, dogs must have passed obedience and protection to earn their Level 1 Title, two legs to earn their Level 2 Title, and two legs to earn their Level 3 Title.  This achievement is no easy feat.  To reach it shows the amazing relationship between dog and handler.  This page is dedicated to celebrating this team. If you have a PSA 3 dog and would like to add a photo/bio please email it here.

#1 Jerry Bradshaw & Ricardo

#2 Lamont Houston & Porter

#3 Robert Wademan & Senna

#4 Jerry Bradshaw & Rocky

#5 Tom Roach & Bullet


Bullet won 4 Nationals, back to back PSA 3 Nationals, and he officially got 1st place at 19 of the 21 trials he competed in, including Nationals and Regionals. He was the youngest dog to earn a PSA 3 and he got BOTH legs of his PSA 3 title in only 3 attempts, faster than any other dog I’ve heard of.

He died of old age at 13 and a half years old after years of working in Oscar winning movies like “D’Jango Unchained”. He was in hundreds of TV shows, commercials and movies over his 12 year working career. He worked more than any other dog in the history of the movie business.


#6 Greg Williams & Asjagreg-and-asja-3-bio-pic

Greg began training Asja as a six-week old puppy for PSA. It didn’t take long for Greg to realize that Asja was a once in a lifetime dog. The bond they had made training look easy as evident from the first trial they entered together on 6/4/06, taking 1st Place in the PSA Level 1 Novice, High Obedience Overall for Trial, High Protection Overall for Trial, Tagor van Joefarm Memorial Award, Ben von Lowenfell’s Memorial Award, 6/4/06. Greg and Asja went on to not only earn their titles in all levels of competition but placing 1st often.

On 5/2/09 with very little training that year Greg and Asja decided last minute to make an attempt for their 1st leg to the coveted PSA 3 title. Not expecting to do real well, Greg and Asja not only earned the first leg to the PSA 3 title, they went on to win the level 3.

After four more failed attempts, on 8/4/10, Greg and Asja would again take the field in Stafford, VA.  On that day, Greg and Asja earned their 2nd leg, thereby closing out the PSA 3 title, and taking first place in that level.  This made Greg and Asja only the 6th team in PSA history to earn the title and the last team to earn it at 80% of the points in each scenario with protection scenarios being worth 60 points. In all, Greg and Asja earned their PSA 3 title three times.

#7 Ariel Peldunas & Blitzen

#8 Hillel Schwartzman & Rex

#9 Janet Dooley & Zuko

#10 Jonathan Katz & Uzi

#11 Tai Nero & Copa

#12 Joe Parks & Moses


“Moses” born 25 Aug 2007.  Best free dog I ever got. 😉  I traded some kennel panels for a puppy to be determined later. Turns out, Moses became the puppy.  West German working lines. Nick over Tom for all of you pedigree heads. Never having raised a working dog, I believed after a short time together that he was something special.  We trained making many strides and of course mistakes. We didn’t achieve all we did by ourselves. There are so many people that had a hand in getting here and for that, we are eternally great full.  We may not have gotten here the quickest, with the most power or with a record setting bite. We did meet many wonderful friends along the way. We failed many more times than we succeeded. Failing our level two 12 times in a row before succeeding. Dealing with mysterious injuries. Balancing control and intensity. And tasting the sweetness of success. He had no idea he was the 12th dog to achieve this level. He had no idea he was the first GSD. All he knows is that he loves me, and I love him. Together, we trained some crazy things. Taking time to fun the entire journey. The memories will never be erased. And he had no idea how much he taught me. He will be greatly missed.


#13 Georgia Estes & Sevenpsa-3-club-georga-seven

Seven- Both legs of  PSA 3 by 3 years old. He started out as a pup that would run and hide, turned into the unstoppable Sir Seven. PSA  West Regional Champion, multiple Nationals competitor, pancake enthusiast and reigning king of upside down. He is Georgia’s 1st and only malinois.

#14 Steve Roberts & Fosco

At the age of seven weeks, Fosco left Vriheid Kennels with Steve; from that point, the training was on! This beings Steve’s first working dog, he was very excited to get the PSA process going. Steve trialed Fosco for the first time at the age of fourteen months, and was able to obtain his PDC in Saco, ME. That following year, the training and success continued; Steve and Fosco earned their PSA1 with a 1st place finish, also earning high protection in Westford, MA. The year after that, the pair earned their PSA2 with a first place finish and high obedience in leg one, as well as first place and high protection in leg two. They also took home all the hardware for the Saco, Me Trial. The year 2014 was the teams best performance overall. Steve and Fosco were able to earn their PSA3. The team was able to complete this goal in five attempts. They passed the first leg in Canada with a 1st place finish and the second leg was passed at the 2014 PSA Nationals. Steve and Fosco became the 2014 PSA3 National Champions as well as closing out their PSA3 title with high obedience and high protection. This achievement made Steve the youngest handler to ever obtain the PSA3 title.

Steve would like to thank his amazing staff at K-9 Top Performance in Reading, MA, for allowing him to have the freedom to train and travel. He would also like to thank his good friend, national select decoy, Josh Knowlton, and Judge Mike Wandell for all their countless hours of help and training. Steve is grateful to be able to join this amazing group of people, known as the PSA 3 Club.

#15 Kerry Engels and Odin


I originally got involved in working dogs because I needed a personal protection dog. Odin is my first working dog. I bought him from Rob Hillebert at land of Oz kennels at 8 weeks old. I knew nothing about dog training but met Khoi Pham and Dewon Fields and they showed me the ropes. I took a liking to PSA and Odin seemed well suited for it. Working  dogs and PSA has been a big part of my life ever since.


#16 Ray Medina and Rocky

What an incredible journey it has been. I acquired Rocky when he was 15 months old from K9 Unlimited. He was my first Malinois. We developed an amazingly special bond from the beginning. Rocky won the 2015 PSA level 3 National Championship followed by the 2016 PSA level 3 highest score earned for the year. Rocky has been an amazing dog that has provided a gateway for me to learn and grow as a competitor and a handler in all levels. I would like to acknowledge David Pappalardo who not only introduced me to PSA but also provided countless hours as my Training Director at Bushido K9. A Special appreciation to JDWDC and all its members for those late night training sessions. I can not forget Stateline K9 and Tarheel K9 for all the training advice. Rocky and I are truly proud to represent PSA 3 as the 16th dog to have achieved this honor.

#17 Megan Hamby and Feloyn

#18 Kieli Atherton and Ichi

#19 Janet Edwards and Danny

#20 Stacey Beller and Tuco

#21 Jonathan Katz and Cougar