2018 – 2019 PSA Decoys

For more information about how to become a PSA Decoy or Certification Camps, please contact:

PSA Director of Decoys: Sean Siggins

PSA Assistant Director of Decoys: Jeff Riccio

We will make every effort to keep this list updated.  However, if you do see a mistake/omission, please do not hesitate to send an email to the PSA Secretary (Katrina Williams) with your concern.


Please click on a region name to see the decoys in that region organized by level.

East Region Decoys
Including: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, DC, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina

Midwest Region Decoys
Including: North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Tennessee

South Region Decoys
Including: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida

West Coast Region Decoys
Including: Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico

Canadian Region Decoys

International Region Decoys
Including: Australia, India, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom

East Region Decoys


Shawn Edwards (Deadpool Decoy)
Location: Hanover, PA
Email: Shawn Edwards
Phone:  717-965-9964

Dave Pappalardo
Location: Franklin, NJ
Email: Dave Pappalardo
Phone:  201-983-3410

Jeff Riccio
Location: Middleboro, MA
Phone:  774-454-8494

Sean Siggins
Location: Sanford, NC
Email: Sean Siggins
Phone:  919-721-1347

Greg Williams
Location: Glen Burnie, MD
Email: Greg Williams
Phone:  443-867-3107


Terry Bocai
Location: Montague, NJ
Email: Terry Bocai
Phone: 201-888-8057

Kellen Freeman
Location: Stamford, CT
Email: Kellen Freeman
Phone: 203-536-5112

Nicholas Hodgen
Location: Bennington, NH
Email: Nicholas Hodgen
Phone: 603-703-2927

Josh Knowlton
Location: Pelham, NH
Email: Josh Knowlton
Phone: 603-458-1958

Intermediate 2nd Year

Cameron Carlisle
Location: Fincastle, VA
Email: Cameron Carlisle
Phone: 850-879-2307

Tremaine Gordon
Location: Kingstree, SC
Email: Tremaine Gordon
Phone: 843-356-9510

Stefan Herceg
Location: Raleigh, NC
Email: Stefan Herceg
Phone: 978-404-9583

Melanie Howe
Location: Kutztown, PA
Email: Melanie Howe
Phone: Not provided

Ben Lepinski
Location: Sanford, NC
Email: Ben Lepinski
Phone: 763-587-5505

Steve Roberts
Location: Salem, NH
Email: Steve Roberts
Phone: 781-944-2924

Andrew Sterner
Location: Southern Pines, NC
Email: Andrew Sterner
Phone: 910-604-4024

Intermediate 1st Year

Jeff Allen
Location: Sanford, NC
Email: Jeff Allen
Phone: 910-922-9485

Junior 2nd Year

Willians Aching
Location: Jacksonville, NC
Email: Willians Aching
Phone: 954-740-0127

Alex Hopkins
Location: Sanford, NC
Email: Not provided
Phone: 815-404-9974

Kyle Logue
Location: Middleton, MA
Email: Kyle Logue
Phone: 978-767-0664

Michael McMahon
Location: Succasunna, NJ
Email: Michael McMahon
Phone: 201-841-6874

Seth Poirier
Location: Temple, CT
Email: Seth Poirier
Phone: 603-966-0841

Walter Quense II
Location: Basking Ridge, NJ
Email: Walter Quense
Phone: 908-295-1863

Osniel Ramirez
Location: East Bridgewater, MA
Email: Osniel Ramirez
Phone: 508-326-4434

Dustin Robinson
Location: West End, NC
Email: Dustin Robinson
Phone: 325-518-7423

Doug Salvio
Location: Bolton, CT
Email: Doug Salvio
Phone: 203-414-2932

Gabrielle Spees (On maternity leave for the 2018-2019 season)
Location: Carthage, NC
Email: Gabrielle Spees
Phone: 815-575-0684

Joseph Trevisone
Location: Haverhill, MA
Email: Joseph Trevisone
Phone: 978-604-7907

Junior 1st Year

John Abouslieman
Location: North Brunswick, NJ
Email: John Abouslieman
Phone: 732-789-0833

Kim Bowers
Location: Glen Burnie, MD
Email: Kim Bowers
Phone: 443-838-5291

Gabriel Colon
Location: Fayetteville, NC
Email: Gabriel Colon
Phone: 321-474-9725

Peter Conaty
Location: Sanford, NC
Email: Peter Conaty
Phone: 919-356-4359

Andrew Gallegos
Location: Browns Mill, NJ
Email: Andrew Gallegos
Phone: 609-217-7403

Jared Wolf
Location: Salem, NH
Email: Jared Wolf
Phone: 978-989-2739

Midwest Region Decoys


Scott Nordgren
Location: Dayton, KY
Email: Scott Nordgren
Phone:  859-445-1098


Drew Fischesser
Location: Washington Court, OH
Email: Drew Fischesser
Phone: 513-370-8413

Adreanna Harwood
Location: Soddy Daisy, TN
Email: Adreanna Harwood
Phone: 815-351-0535

Nicholas Meier
Location: Lena, IL
Email: Nicholas Meier
Phone: 224-383-4755

Dave VanGarderen
Location: Overland, MO
Email: Dave VanGarderen
Phone: 314-239-1380

Intermediate 2nd Year

Jeremy Ciepluch
Location: Cedar Hill, MO
Email: Jeremy Ciepluch
Phone: 414-397-2380

Liburn Hasanaj
Location: Belleville, IL
Email: Liburn Hasanaj
Phone: 618-340-1850

Daniel McElroy, Jr.
Location: Chicago, IL
Email: Daniel McElroy
Phone: 773-852-3997

Kevin Williams
Location: Poca, WV
Email: Kevin Williams
Phone: 304-670-9714

Intermediate 1st Year

Joey Morris
Location: Saint Ann, MO
Email: Joey Morris
Phone: 314-808-6565

Andrew Parrish
Location: Festus, MO
Email: Andrew Parrish
Phone: 636-524-3896

Junior 2nd Year

John Krasich
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Email: John Krasich
Phone: 978-767-0664

Bob Quinn
Location: Peoria, IL
Email: Bob Quinn
Phone: 309-648-0215

Luke Smith
Location: Lansing, MI
Email: Luke Smith
Phone: 517-213-3481

Junior 1st Year

Jesse Cortez
Location: Birchwood, TN
Email: Jesse Cortez
Phone: 770-906-8658

Ryan Dotson
Location: Huntington, WV
Email: Ryan Dotson
Phone: 304-634-6134

Kody Knowlton
Location: Paw Paw, IL
Email: Kody Knowlton
Phone: 815-546-9526

Kyle Murphy
Location: Heath, OH
Email: Kyle Murphy
Phone: 740-405-9433

Jeremy Van Beek
Location: Green Bay, WI
Email: Jeremy Van Beek
Phone: 920-740-8395

Greg Weed
Location: Huntington, WV
Email: Greg Weed
Phone: 304-593-1451

South Region Decoys


Darryl Richey
Location: Magnolia, TX
Email: Darryl Richey
Phone:  281-259-2003


Josh Kirby
Location: Corinth, TX
Email: Josh Kirby
Phone: 214-422-4045

Darrick Rose
Location: Forney, TX
Email: Darrick Rose
Phone: 972-898-6226

Eduardo Santamaria
Location: Rowlett, TX
Email: Eduardo Santamaria
Phone: 214-642-1714

Ted Summers
Location: Tulsa, OK
Email: Ted Summers
Phone: 918-978-9076

Intermediate 2nd Year

Ricardo Carde
Location: Tampa, FL
Email: Ricardo Carde
Phone: 203-450-2399

Ronnie Oliver
Location: Lawrenceville, GA
Email: Ronnie Oliver
Phone: 678-571-3810

Jarvis Scott
Location: Orlando, FL
Email: Jarvis Scott
Phone: 904-450-9798

Matt Taylor
Location: St. Petersburg, FL
Email: Matt Taylor
Phone: 727-420-0624

Intermediate 1st Year

Clay Smith
Location: Conway, AR
Email: Clay Smith
Phone: 501-450-0810

Junior 2nd Year

Bryan Evans
Location: The Woodlands, TX
Email: Bryan Evans
Phone: 281-685-6621

Neil Fougere
Location: Midland, TX
Email: Neil Fougere
Phone: 432-770-4666

Jerrid Fulton
Location: Arlington, TX
Email: Jerrid Fulton
Phone: 817-899-3020

Michael Lombard
Location: The Woodlands, TX
Email: Michael Lombard
Phone: 832-458-9134

Daniel Morris
Location: Dallas, TX
Email: Daniel Morris
Phone: 972-489-7100

Valentin Murillo
Location: Rowlett, TX
Email: Valentin Murillo
Phone: 972-922-2775

Calvin Wilbon
Location: Little Rock, AR
Email: Calvin Wilbon
Phone: 501-400-2213

Junior 1st Year

Steve Brown
Location: Hilliard, Fl
Email: Steve Brown
Phone: 540-845-5160

Joseph Eggitt
Location: Saint Petersburg, FL
Email: Joseph Eggitt
Phone: 727-418-4085

Chauncey Gains
Location: Umatilla, FL
Email: Chauncey Gains
Phone: 352-630-1406

William Garrido
Location: Taylor, TX
Email: William Garrido
Phone: 830-746-2170

Antonio Gordon
Location: Orlando, FL
Email: Antonio Gordon
Phone: 407-467-9549

Robert Hayes
Location: Commerce, GA
Email: Robert Hayes
Phone: 706-768-7593

Caleb Jefferson
Location: Flowery Branch, GA
Email: Caleb Jefferson
Phone: 770-356-3076

Delroy Lewis
Location: Margate, FL
Email: Delroy Lewis
Phone: 754-204-7998

Joe Menendez
Location: Parrish, FL
Email: Joe Menendez
Phone: 937-554-5079

Will Pipkin
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Email: Will Pipkin
Phone: 530-261-2014

Marcus Chan Tack
Location: Sanford, FL
Email: Marcus Chan Tack
Phone: 407-913-2550

West Coast Region Decoys


Jeremy (Jake) Kemp
Location: Greeley, CO
Email: Jake Kemp
Phone:  970-227-2608


Jacob Plascencia
Location: Greeley, CO
Email: Jacob Plascencia
Phone: 831-809-0268

Intermediate 1st Year

Maxwell Chardack
Location: Holladay, UT
Email: Max Chardack
Phone: 801-634-7356

Junior 2nd Year

Justin Campos
Location: Redwood City, CA
Email: Justin Campos
Phone: Not provided

Lee Johnson
Location: San Jose, CA
Email: Lee Johnson
Phone: 408-600-7282

Khary (Smokey) Lee
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Email: Khary Lee
Phone: 310-795-6881

Nathan Schoemer
Location: Littleton, CO
Email: Nathan Schoemer
Phone: 310-948-4966

Tim Smith
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Email: Tim Smith
Phone: Not provided

Canadian Decoys


Mike Anderson
Location: Binbrook, Ontario
Email: Mike Anderson
Phone:  416-669-5716

Intermediate 1st Year

James Dulmage
Location: Oakville, Ontario
Email: James Dulmage
Phone: 905-399-4141

Aaron Kemp
Location: Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Email: Aaron Kemp
Phone: 604-802-4452

Davis Macleod
Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Email: Davis Macleod
Phone: 905-865-2230

Shaun Thankachen
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Email: Shaun Thankachen
Phone: 403-690-9282

Junior 2nd Year

Sean Hammell
Location: Langdin, Alberta
Email: Sean Hammell
Phone: 403-619-0483

International Region Decoys

Intermediate 1st Year

Anway Chavan
Location: Pune, Maharashtra (India)
Email: Anway Chavan
Phone: +91-808-760-5273

William Clarke
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom)
Email: William Clarke
Phone: 075187699089

Darren Owen
Location: Antrim, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom)
Email: Not provided
Phone: 07846866553

Wesley Powell
Location: Milnerton, Cape Town, Western Cape (South Africa)
Email: Wesley Powell
Phone: 082-610-4330

Patrick Stewart
Location: Sydney, NSW (Australia)
Email: Patrick Stewart
Phone: 61-411-067702

Junior 2nd Year

Ryan Adams
Location: Kuilsriver, Cape Town, Western Cape (South Africa)
Email: Ryan Adams
Phone: (+27) 728406901

Ruben Bernard
Location: Honeydew (South Africa)
Email: Rubern Bernard
Phone: 27766884473

Piotr Drewniak
Location: Antrim, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom)
Email: Piotr Drewniak
Phone: Not available

Gawie Engelbrecht
Location: Roossenekal (South Africa)
Email: Gawie Engelbrecht
Phone: (+27) 842404327

Adam Forsythe
Location: Antrim, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom)
Email: Adam Forsythe
Phone: 7568371357

Josh Francisco
Location: Honeydew (South Africa)
Email: Josh Francisco
Phone: 27824428169

Sean Morris
Location: Honeydew (South Africa)
Email: Sean Morris
Phone: 27733742226

Jesus (Johnny) Silva-Camacho
Location: Honeydew (South Africa)
Email: Jesus Silva-Camacho
Phone: 27823213518

Scott Ward
Location: Tarago, NSW (Australia)
Email: Scott Ward
Phone: (02) 48494570

Jasmine Whiting
Location: Glen Alpine, NSW (Australia)
Email: Jasmine Whiting
Phone: 0432 323 312

Junior 1st Year

Sam Cheeseman
Location: Australia
Email: Sam Cheeseman
Phone: Not available

Cole Little
Location: Australia
Email: Cole Little
Phone: 64272426119

Junior (not fully certified)

Rajendra Chauhan
Location: New Delhi, New Delhi (India)
Email: Rajendra Chauhan
Phone: 91-813-007-3169

Raj Kumar
Location: New Delhi, New Delhi (India)
Email: Raj Kumar
Phone: 91-981-845-0193

M. Chandra Shekhar
Location: Secunderabad, Telangana (India)
Email: M. Chandra Shekhar
Phone: 91-900-000-4099

Chrisjan Visser
Location: Hoedspruit, Limpopo (South Africa)
Email: Chrisjan Visser
Phone: (+27) 0741068180